About us


We are a small team that has found together to preserve and create values.

The leadership

Mirela Szymura, M.Sc.

Hey i am Mirela - the leadership of NEOVATIO and mindpart.net.


 On this page I invite you to get to know me and NEOVATIO better.


Born in Poland, grew up in the Ruhr Gebiet area, business woman from Zeuthen near Berlin.

After successfully completing my education in child-rearing, in 2002 I obtained my secondary education.

Art enthusiastic, cosmopolitan and with great IT affinity I started my bachelor studies in geography at the Ruhr University Bochum. This was followed by my Master of Science (M.Sc.) with which I deepened my IT expertise. 

The psyche of Humans and its environmental impact have accompanied me since my education in child care. My interest in why people are doing what they are doing has grown more and more. This is how psychology became my hobby. 

By founding NEOVATIO, I want to use the synergies between psychology and technology to inspire companies.Together with my partners, we work with people and for people. With our work, we sustainably strengthen companies with the goal of reaching people. 

With the right solution for optimal results